Services img_5385“One of the first things we learned when we came to see Elsa was what type of ‘conflict style’ we each had. This was truly helpful to us both and has assisted us in moving forward in a healthier way. We have done couples therapy before and learned some skills, but through the Gottman technique, Elsa has helped us not only gain more skills, but she has also provided a space for us to practice those skills. ”
Elsa has been instrumental in helping my partner and me back away from the brink and repair the hurts that have surfaced over and over in our relationship. She has seen us through several painful episodes and has consistently held out a hopeful perspective for us, often when neither of us felt there was any hope left for our marriage. She has skillfully assisted us to rebuild a deeper and more lasting trust and continues to offer her full loving and insightful presence in our process of deepening the intimacy that has been slowly and steadily unfolding between us. I am truly grateful to her for her compassionate listening, for never taking sides and for her openness and flexibility in her thinking about us. Her approach never feels didactic to me, but rather she is willing to try a variety of tools to help get us back into connection with ourselves and each other. Last but not least, Elsa has really communicated a genuine warmth and love for each of us individually and as a couple. This caring has really helped to breathe a sense of possibility into the work we do to have the kind of lives we are choosing to have together.
“Being new to couples counseling, my partner and I commented to one another many times how lucky we felt to have Elsa as a counselor. She seemed to have a sincere interest in us and came equipped with a full tool basket from which to draw on for inspiration. On the occasions when we required extra time or an ’emergency session’, she was always there and very open to our needs. We were challenged and grew in ways that were absolutely surprising, we would encourage friends to consider choosing Elsa as a therapist”
– Anonymous

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