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    What Year Did You and Your Partner Start to Experience Difficulty?

    1. I have made specific plans to discuss separation (or divorce) with my partner. I have considered what I would say, etc
    2. I have set up an independent bank account in my name in order to protect my own interests.
    3. Thoughts of separation (or divorce) occur to me very frequently, as often as once a week or more.
    4. I have suggested to my partner (spouse) that I wish to be separated, divorced, or rid of him/her.
    5. I have thought specifically about separation (or divorce). I have thought about who would get the kids, how things would be divided, pros and cons, etc.
    6. My partner and I:
    Are Still TogetherExperiencing Trial SeparationExperiencing Legal Separation
    7. I have discussed the question of my separation (or divorce) with someone other than my partner (trusted friend, psychologist, minister, etc.).
    8. I have occasionally thought of separation (or divorce) or wished that we were separated, usually after an argument or other incident.
    9. I have discussed the issue of separation (or divorce) seriously or at length with my partner.
    10. We are separated, I have asked that the separation be permanent (or filed for divorce), or we are completely broken up (or divorced).

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