April introduces the start of spring. It is related to the latin word aperire, which roughly translates as “to open.” With spring comes the opening of flowers, the blooming of trees, and the opening of the day. It brings longer days, April showers, and more sun exposure. April is associated with lighter steps, spring dresses, and an overall opening of the self. It is about fertility, being alive and welcoming in.
April rains are a flirt. As if the rain is washing away the fatigue and cold of winger. Winter is about hibernation and reflection, and in Chinese wisdom is associated with the element of wood. Spring is about opening up the soul again. It is an invitation to be alive. A reminder to breathe, to pull our vitality back into our bones. I notice how I take aliveness for granted. I visit my flesh instead of consciously inhabiting it. As my personal craving for children becomes more pronounced there is within me a ripe hallowness, like a summoning of energy into fruition. April is this summoning, it is a time of combining one’s ingredients and blossoming.

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