The trees lost their leaves the ghosts came out for All Hallow’s Eve. I tend to think of pumpkins, Halloween, and spider-webs when I think of October. I spent a lot of time thinking about façade this year; face-painting and disguise. It has always intrigued me, the idea of playing someone else for a night. When I was little I used to lie to stspiderwebrangers. I would make up an alternative life for myself; with pet names and a pretend sister.

As an adult, we are still given one day to done the character of our choice. To become a pirate, an explorer, an animal, etc. I have observed that women often pursue senseless sexual costumes instead of delving into the opportunity to be imaginative and try on an alternative life. It is as though we are too competitive about our appearances to really enjoy the creative artistic expressions of youth.

I found myself celebrating Halloween with complete strangers who could not have cared less what I wore or who I was, which was deeply liberating. I enjoyed roasting pumpkin seeds over the fire and weaving a yarn spider web.

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