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Relationship dynamics are often difficult to maneuver but the patterns are not written in stone and can change with fluid focus and positive attention. It is easy for relational patterns to become stagnant and painful. Yet, these patterns need not root.  We can create positive alternative patterns for the relationship you want. Being gloriously in love doesn’t have to be a memory. It is a realistic and sustainable state of connection.
My goals with couples counseling are to increase the strength and vitality  of the friendship while improving conflict resolution communication flow to a self-sustainable level.  I am pursuing Gottman Therapy certification and employ Gottman interventions.  My intention is to help create a  sustainable and joyful system that will continue to improve your relationship after the counseling process is complete.
It takes courage and awareness to seek out couples counseling. Similar to oil changes and dentist appointments, most healthy relationships require some cultivation. Should you chose to cultivate your relationship, we will create a treatment plan to address the issues that threaten your relationship. We will be using principals of the Sound Relationship House and other Gottman principals:
General Couples Counseling Approach.
1. Introduction and Assessment (Homework assessments given )
2. Individual Assessments- one session per individual (55 minute session)
3. Couple Treatment planning (Introduction to Sound Relationship House, identification of challenges to the relationship house identified through assessments and previous sessions, and integration with partner’s individual concerns.)
4. Check-In, Psycho-Education, and Interventions
5. Clarification of future concerns and goals
6. Closure
7. 6 month, 12 month, and 24 month check-ins
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