I am fiercely passionate about healing relational trauma and spend my time pursuing this passion and updating my corresponding skill set. It is apparent to me in my personal and professional life that perspective, respect, and trust are crucial in order to re-cultivate relationships on a singular level and social level.

I have a private practice dedicated towards working with couples and Families

I work with forensic psychology and sexual abuse in the criminal justice system.

I teach Counseling and Family dynamics at Southwestern College.

I am dedicated to creating a space that increases perspective, safety, and compassion.

I have a background facilitating groups on domestic violence, writing forensic evaluations,  teaching yoga, and providing business coaching.  More recently, I have narrowed my focus into working with relationship dynamics.

I bring my research with Neuroscience in to help us understand the principles of neuroplasticity and creating change through our neuropatterns. Many of us simply need assistance in locating the roots of our choices to better create new possibilities. I offer assistance in seeing these choices and creating balance. It is my hope to create changes that are self sustaining and rewarding.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #0157651

MA in Counseling – Southwestern College
BA in Philosophy/Psychology Grinnell
Neuroscience focus


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